Which version of hiveDisk should I use for my Apple Mac?

This article walks you through the steps to determine the type of processor in your Apple Mac. Knowing this is essential for choosing the right hiveDisk version.

Why does the processor type matter?

Before diving into the steps, it's important to understand why this matters. Your Apple Mac computer can either have an Apple Silicon M1 processor or an Intel processor. hiveDisk has been optimized for both, but you'll need to download the version that matches your computer's processor type to ensure the best performance and compatibility.

How to identify your Mac's processor:

1. Open the Apple Menu:

  • Locate the Apple logo at the top left corner of your screen.
  • Click on it to open the Apple menu.

2. Access 'About This Mac':

  • From the drop-down menu, select 'About This Mac'.

3. Determine your processor:

  • In the 'About This Mac' window, find the 'Processor' or 'Chip' section.
  • If you see 'Apple M1' or another 'M' series designation, your Mac uses an Apple Silicon processor.
  • If you spot 'Intel Core', your Mac is powered by an Intel processor.

Now that you know your Mac's processor type, you can confidently choose the appropriate hiveDisk version.

Additional Resources: For more information or to verify your Mac's model and its specifications, you can refer to Apple Support: Identify your MacBook model.